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"No Time to Downsize" Message--Perfect for direct mail and social media ads

2018 Pollie Award-Winning Mail

In a local race, a direct mail program accounts for a significant part of a campaign's budget. Your mail deserves to break through the clutter. We specialize in mail that integrates polling and messaging with creative content.  Our creative images are ready made for social media outreach.

We are proud to receive a 2018 Pollie Award-Best Direct Mail Campaign/Ballot Initiative-Silver from our peers at the American Association of Political Consultants.

Comment from a Pollie Judge: "The cartoon ads are nicely done, and catch the eye. The message is clear and concise. A high production value too. Good Job!"

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Urban Oil Fields in LA are Poisoning the Community

Using Social Media to Target Voters


The 2016 Russian election-meddling scandal proved you could reach 126 million voters with $100,000 worth of FB ads. We produce video, audio and images that Social Media users want to like and share. We boost name recognition and support for candidates & issues---and we’re Americans. 

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Cori Kesler, Scott Adams & Paul Arney with the Pollie at the Diamonds and Denim Pollie Award Gala

2018 Pollie Award Gala--Silver: Best Direct Mail Campaign/Ballot Initiative "This Is No Time to Downsize"

We are a small firm dedicated to using our campaign and communication experience to provide excellent service to our clients. Our Pollie, awarded by political consultants, shows we can hold our own with the big operations. When you choose Green Alley Strategies, you work directly with seasoned, award-winning professionals who care. 

Photo: Cori Kesler, Scott Adams & Paul Arney with the Pollie at the AAPC "Diamonds and Denim" Pollie Awards Gala.

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Creating Political Mail Art

Cats of Maywood Volume 1 (front and back sides)

Laborers Local 300 asked us to help elect their reform slate for City Council in scandal plagued Maywood, California. Our team came up with a series of comics to highlight the corruption. Voters responded and elected our slate on November 6, 2018.  The dimensions of The Cats of Maywood four volume series are 11 x 17 one fold. This image is of the front and back sides of Volume 1.  In this series, with the exception of the Volume number, the front and back remained the same. To view full images, go to

Cats of Maywood Volume 1 (centerfold)

Volume 1 looks at the DA's raid of city hall, a garbage crisis and the mayor's conviction on animal cruelty. 

Cats of Maywood Volume 2 (centerfold)

Volume 2 points out the absurdity of the city allocating Bingo profits to a clown, a whopping $15 million debt and hiring a pal of the mayor, with no experience, to be city manager.

Cats of Maywood Volume 3 (centerfold)

The saga of corruption continues in Volume 3.  The link of corruption to the $15 million debt, thirteen city contractors under investigation, and the DA's seizure of evidence at city hall.

Cats of Maywood Volume 4 (centerfold)

Volume 4 features a City Council Member resigning in a plea deal, the ex-City Manager-pal of mayor-facing sexual harassment charges, and the mayor blaming his animal abuse conviction on a political witch hunt. We are not making any of this up!