About Us

Scott Adams & Paul Arney + Green Alley Principals


Chicago-based Scott Adams organized the Draft Paul Wellstone for US Senate (MN) movement and was Senator Wellstone's Political Director for his upset win and subsequent re-election. He has worked with labor unions on corporate and retirement security campaigns, helped non-profit organizations launch projects, served as a US Senate policy advisor and assisted local governments on messaging.

Los Angeles-based Paul Arney worked his way through college as a US Forest Service Firefighter. It turns out firefighting is excellent training for political work. Paul knows how to combine messaging methods and platforms to target likely and persuadable voters. He has served as an advisor for former CA State Assembly Member Dario Frommer and Congresswoman Jane Harman. His experience as a political strategist ranges from the Australian Labor Party to the California Democratic Party.

Scott and Paul have organized political, labor and issue-based grassroots initiatives. They’ve managed local, statewide and federal campaigns; parsed polls, probed focus groups and analyzed data to target voters. They’re experts in coordinating paid, earned and social media communications; directing endorsement strategies; and producing creative video, audio and direct mail content. You should have them working for you.

FAQ: “Where did you guys get your name?” 

Scott lives on a “green alley” block. It’s a system for making sure storm water runoff doesn’t mix with other substances, and keeps Lake Michigan—source of Chicago’s drinking water-- cleaner. We believe keeping campaigns clean and clear with honest effective research, advertising, and media is vital to the health of our political system. What goes around…comes around.

Recent & Current Clients


• Theresa Taylor for CalPERS 2018--Re-Elected

• Priya Mathur for CalPERS 2018

• Laborers Local 300--IE: Elected Reform Slate, Maywood, CA

• So Cal District Council of Laborers PAC--IE: Elected Slate, La Puente, CA

• Pedro Aceituno for CA State Assembly District 58

• Burbank Firefighters

• Chico Democratic Club

• Latino Family Voter Guide

• Education Voter Guide

• Californians Vote Green


• Yes on Measure HH, Hawthorne CA: Increased Sales Tax by ¾ of a cent. Passed with 69%.

• City of Hawthorne Finances and Budget Education Project

• Service Employees International Union

   o Kevin Ochalla for Cook County Pension Board. Elected

   o Verna Thompson for Chicago Pension Board. Elected

• Vanessa Aramayo for Congress (CA CD 34)

• Communidades Para Joe Bray-Ali, Independent Expenditure Campaign for Los Angeles City Council


• Yxstian Gutierrez for Moreno Valley Mayor. Elected

• Citizens for More Responsible Government, IE for Sarmiento for Santa Ana City Council. Elected

• 50-50 Climate Project: Mobilize institutional investors to encourage companies to incorporate risk of climate change into business model, including supporting directors with climate expertise


• Scott Svonkin for LA Community College Board. Elected

• 50-50 Climate Project

• Norma Macias for El Monte Mayor

• Service Employees International Union Local 284, Minnesota PERA Pension Board Campaign


• Theresa Taylor for CalPERS Board. Elected

• Priya Mathur for CalPERS Board. Re-Elected

• Andrew Park for Oakland City Council

• Yes on Measure BB, Santa Ana CA: Regulate and tax medical marijuana. Passed

Past Clients Include: Jane Harman, Dario Frommer, Paul Koretz, Richard Schneider, Phil Hu, Paul Krekorian, San Bernardino POA, Palm Springs POA, Covina POA, AIDS Health Care Foundation, Rose Foundation for Communities & the Environment, Californians for Retirement Security.

Our Team

  • Graphic Design: Cori Kesler, Kesler Creative Communications, http://www.keslercommunications.com. For 19 years, Cori has brought a creative vision to our mail, walk pieces, and social media images. Her original logos, type treatments and award-winning graphic design intensifies our messaging and brings measurable results to campaigns. Cori's work can be found on our Direct Mail page.
  • Creative Advertising: Shebops Productions, http://www.shebopsproductions.com. Shebops produces our radio ads and audio files as well as creating storylines and helping to direct video content. Targeted audiences take notice when Shebops ads run. Shebops radio spots can be found on our Creative Ads page. Voiceover work is done by SAG-AFTRA union members.
  • Video Production: Danny Haro and Ernesto Quintero, Higher Ground Entertainment. Our award-winning production team creates original video content, from documentaries to short features to digital ads. Higher Ground brings a creative vision to target social media users to influence policy and voting decisions. Samples of their work--"Urban Oil Fields" "Affordable Housing" and "Help Your Community"--can be found on our Creative Ads page. http://www.ernestoquinterofilms.com/
  • Illustration: Les Toil has spent thirty years having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. How? By being an Oakland-based commercial illustrator who’s created art for film, TV, action figures, video games, political communications, children’s books, wineries, graphic novels and squeezable bacon. He’s a sucker for any assignment that involves humor and a positive cause.  His career can be summed up by the pretty pictures he has shared on his website:The Art of Les Toil www.LesToil.net